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Thank you for your interest in becoming a TRAG Member. As a member, you will receive email updates and information on items affecting the towing industry, including our quarterly newsletter “TowTips and other information.

Along with your paid membership you will receive our "Cookbooks" on processing Abandoned and Derelict Vehicles.  These books will guide you through getting these vehicles processed within the guidelines of state law and help you keep your storage lots clear.

Other benefits of becoming a TRAG Member is access to affinity programs. One such program is through NEXGEN, a credit card processing company who offers TRAG members’ great rates on credit card processing. Along with your membership you will receive free membership with towPartners, another great benefit.

TRAG works hard to solve issues that face our industry on local, state, and national levels. TRAG continues to be instrumental in adopting and changing the state laws that govern our industry. TRAG and our registered lobbyists have been very successful in recent years both preventing destructive legislation and adopting positive legislation for the towers in Georgia. 

But the cost for this success is substantial. And we ask for your support so that we may continue our work at the “Gold Dome” and with other state agencies concerning towing industry issues.

TRAG has also works with local law enforcement in developing criteria for rotation lists, government contracts, and training requirements for contract towing companies. TRAG representatives attend DOT meetings to address our members’ concerns, and TRAG is in the forefront of the TRIP (Towing & Recovery Incentive Program) and CHAMP programs, continually working with the various state agencies to improve and administer those programs in the metro Atlanta area and across the state.

As president of the Towing & Recovery Association of Georgia, I would like to encourage you to join TRAG. As a member, you will have the opportunity to meet others in the industry with which you can exchange insight and ideas, as well as develop a network of industry contacts across the state. Thanks to the support we receive from companies like you, we can continue to work to improve our industry.

Phil Howard, President
Towing & Recovery Association of Georgia
Howard's Wrecker Service & Body Shop, Inc.

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